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      MWCS 15-19, Sept.2020
      Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show
      Leading International Exhibition for Machine Tools, Sheet Metal,
      Pipes & Tubes Production, Mould & Die Construction, Tools
      MWCS20 Exhibition Area
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      MWCS19 Onsite Photo

      Record the emotional moment of the MWCS exhibition. Each photo is worth remembering.

      MWCS19 Onsite Photo

      Record the emotional moment of the MWCS exhibition. Each photo is worth remembering.

      MWCS19 Onsite Photo

      Record the emotional moment of the MWCS exhibition. Each photo is worth remembering.

      Exhibitors’ Comments
      Yoshiyuki Kaneko
      Amada International Industry & Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

      AMADA has participated MWCS/CIIF every year for many years. This year our focus was on automation, intelligence and whole process. Except for our IoT factory solution, leading automation processing technology, unique fiber laser technology, we also presented our products for intelligent metal cutting field, eg. automated pressing, forming and precision welding technology. We believe our products and technologies would give great helps in changing the processing method and providing metal working total solutions to our clients. In China only big scale and high quality show like MWCS and its professional organizer Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. can make our goal achieved. In sense of customer support and onsite services, there is no other show can compare with MWCS. In the near future, the cooperation between AMADA and MWCS will extend to outside Shanghai. We believe the wider cooperation with MWCS will bring benefits to AMADA, MWCS and our clients.

      Exhibitors’ Comments
      Gu Yonglin
      Trumpf (China) Co., Ltd.

      2019 MWCS had kept its traits of professionalism, innovative and eye-catching, those unique traits made MWCS a first class metal working exhibition. The concept Trumpf brought to 2019 MWCS was well recognized and received by the industry. Except for the high power 2D laser cutting machine and high performance bending machine, for the first time Trumpf has showcased innovative industry total solutions at 2019 MWCS, it was warm welcomed by the onsite visitors, it helped our potential clients to have a straight forward observation of Trumpf’s services and solutions. China’s manufacturing industry is experiencing the process of transforming and upgrading, both the manufacturers and their end users are under pressure, i think innovative changing, steady transforming and quality pursuing are the best strategies to face the challenges. In fact, MWCS is not only an exhibiting platform for products and technologies, but also carrying the task of building a stage that manufacturers and their end users can breakthrough difficulties together. We have faith that 2020 MWCS can do a better job, and we are looking forward to meeting our fellow friends again on 2020 MWCS.

      Exhibitors’ Comments
      Xiao Weixing
      Salvagnini International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

      As The event of metal working industry in China every year, Salvagnini has participated MWCS for 10 years, it is indeed a very good communicating and showcasing platform for metal working manufacturers. Consider the influence of MWCS in China, we brought our next best compact panel bender: PX for the first launching globally. Salvagnini is leading the industry for years, in the future we will develop alongside with MWCS and bring cutting edge metal sheeting technologies to Chinese users.

      Exhibitors’ Comments
      Dr. You Song
      Bystronic China

      Bystronic had a long history with MWCS, we participated MWCS from when it first entered China. MWCS is the leading and big scale metal working trade fair in China, Bystronic brought our innovative products to the show this year, and our goal of letting the industry and end users knowing Bystronic’s technologies and solutions were well achieved. We are grateful about the services organizer provided and satisfied with the trading platform, we expect an even better MWCS in the future.

      Exhibitors’ Comments

      In the years, MWCS represented and introduced European manufacturers to China, an increasingly developing market, thus became a must attend event for Prima in every September. China is the biggest single market to Prima outside our US market. We were pleased knowing more client and exchanging technologies through MWCS, our equipment and solutions were well spread through this platform. Next year we are going to bring more advancing products to the show and we believe MWCS will develop even better in the future editions.

      Exhibitors’ Comments
      Deng Shenglong
      East China Sales Headquarters, Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group

      CIIF/MWCS is the leading industry exhibition in China of the year, it is THE stage for global industrial technologies to showcase and exchange. Han’s laser always regarded this opportunities highly. On 2019 MWCS, Han’s laser not only showcased products like, high power (20KW) fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, cleaning system, electro-hydraulic servo driven CNC bending machine, fiber laser generator and their application solutions, the global first launching of 4th generation fully automated pipe cutting machine was also the highlight, it had attracted professionals from all industries to visit and communicate at our booth, our products were highly regarded by industrial experts. China manufacturing industry is facing a major transformation, Han’s laser would like to lead the trends by continuous innovation and quality efficiency improving. We would like to use MWCS as the platform to communicate with our clients in depth, make “made in China” better products. 2019 MWCS was concluded successfully, we believe 2020 MWCS would be even better, let’s make an appointment for next year.

      Exhibitors’ Comments
      Global Marketing Director Mr. Matthew Fowles,
      LVD Company nv

      LVD presented highest automated robotized bending cell on MWCS 2019, it proved the leading technology and R&D strength of LVD. As the most influencing sheet metal exhibition in east China MWCS is always LVD’s first choice to participate, we are looking forward to the further development of MWCS and has confident with the show becoming the benchmark of the industry.

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